Ombrex Telecom

Telecom Solutions For Businesses

  • Trucking Companies
  • Lawyers | Immigration Frirms
  • Real Estate Firms & Agents
  • Insurance & Mortgage Companies
  • Service Industry
  • Radio & TV Stations

Prices start at $19.95 CAD/Line

Be it curbside pickup or a table reservation, Ombrex equips you with the capability to reach out to your guests across every touchpoint. With a flexible and seamless telecom solution such as Ombrex, you can entertain phone orders and in-person pick-ups at your hotel or restaurant.

Our telecommunication solutions can help you connect your hotel with the local telephone network and receive customers’ orders directly from their rooms. You can even leverage the seamlessness of implementing a multi-line connection to avoid any sort of call jamming or busy line problems.

Ombrex Quick Features for Hotels/Restaurants:


Toll-free numbers

Multiline & conferencing capabilities

Unlimited usage plans