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Be it curbside pickup or a table reservation, Ombrex equips you with the capability to reach out to your guests across every touchpoint. With a flexible and seamless telecom solution such as Ombrex, you can entertain phone orders and in-person pick-ups at your hotel or restaurant.

Our telecommunication solutions can help you connect your hotel with the local telephone network and receive customers’ orders directly from their rooms. You can even leverage the seamlessness of implementing a multi-line connection to avoid any sort of call jamming or busy line problems.

Ombrex Quick Features for Hotels/Restaurants:


Toll-free numbers

Multiline & conferencing capabilities

Unlimited usage plans

Plans for every need

Starting From


$19.95 /line each user

Business Essential Line

Starting From


$29.95/each month

Business Pro

Starting From


$39.95/each month

Business Premium


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ADITI - Sales Manager


“The service Ombrex Telecom is giving is amazing! We just switched last year from one of the biggest service provider to the Ombrex Telecom.
What I personally like the most about the Ombrex Telecom is the voice quality. The voice quality is amazing, even on the international calls!

Thank you Ombrex Telecom for giving such a
good service.

We highly recommend you to switch Ombrex Telecom increase your sales like we did.”

Ombrex Review By Aditti From TransExpert

DEVORA - Design Director

“My team and i have been using Ombrex for over two years now and couldn’t be any more happy with their services. We switched over and our monthly bills were reduced to literally half as compared to the big telecom companies and we even get additional services.
My favorite would be the voice quality it’s exceptional even with international calls and their on-call support is amazing!”
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Ombrex Telecom Review By Devora Demona (Design Director at Digify Seo Company)


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why ombrex?

Secure, flexible, and reliable
telecommunication services

With a pressing need to transform telecom into an affordable and simple client engagement platform, Ombrex presents telecommunication solutions which are easy to embrace, implement, and execute in diverse industries or business settings. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Ombrex is a Canadian telecommunication solution provider that leads in the service field of teleconferencing, VOIP, IP call, fax, and voice services for practically all industries and businesses. We’re renowned for our competitive prices and exceptional call quality. Furthermore, we’re recognized as one of the fastest-growing telecommunications service providers in Canada.

Our fully-customizable solution for all-sized businesses helps establishing a solid connectivity or enhance the already set client connections by offering splendid tele service and voice quality worldwide.

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Looking for customizable and complete telecommunication solutions?

If you’re looking for customizable and complete telecommunication solutions, our skilled professionals can help you build, actualize, and support simple to use telecom platform. We would also conduct reviews and recommendations surveys to enhance the platform to drive better business results.

We’ll ensure all your requirements are performed through Ombrex! Schedule a call with our executive to discuss your custom requirement now!

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    why ombrex?