Ombrex Telecom

Our cloud-based Virtual faxing service lets you receive faxes without a fax machine. You can receive the Fax sent to your number as email attachments and check the content of the Fax directly from your mailbox.

No fax machine needed

Receive your fax anywhere anytime

Receive incoming fax on your email

Get contents of the fax from attachments

Our features

Highly economical
Virtual fax
Reliable & secure voice channel
Toll-free number
Reliable & secure voice channel
Unlimited International calling
99.9999% availability
Maximum control

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why ombrex?

Secure, flexible, and reliable
telecommunication services

With a pressing need to transform telecom into an affordable and simple client engagement platform, Ombrex presents telecommunication solutions which are easy to embrace, implement, and execute in diverse industries or business settings. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Ombrex is a Canadian telecommunication solution provider that leads in the service field of teleconferencing, VOIP, IP call, fax, and voice services for practically all industries and businesses. We’re renowned for our competitive prices and exceptional call quality. Furthermore, we’re recognized as one of the fastest-growing telecommunications service providers in Canada.

Our fully-customizable solution for all-sized businesses helps establishing a solid connectivity or enhance the already set client connections by offering splendid tele service and voice quality worldwide.

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If you’re looking for customizable and complete telecommunication solutions, our skilled professionals can help you build, actualize, and support simple to use telecom platform. We would also conduct reviews and recommendations surveys to enhance the platform to drive better business results.

We’ll ensure all your requirements are performed through Ombrex! Schedule a call with our executive to discuss your custom requirement now!

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    why ombrex?